ATG New Artist Series 2017

The Bennu Readings:
of things illumined, created, and renewed.

The New Artist Series is a Mollie Mook-Fiddler conceived cornerstone of A Theatre Group. The 2017 Bennu Readings celebrates the spirit of Mollie: light/ illumination, creation, and renewal. ATG’s 2017 series furthers that original relationship between established playwrights and community artist/writers providing each with reciprocal opportunities for artistic growth.

In 2017, longtime ATG participant, New York City playwright and MFA Playwrights program director at University of Indiana-Bloomington, Peter Gil-Sheridan returns to Silverton for a two week writer’s residency and workshops in Durango and in Silverton. Peter’s stay culminates with a reading of a new work on 27 May during the two day festival of plays.

More details about guest playwrights Leigh Meigs, Daniel Sullivan and others will follow.

A Theatre Group strives to create an environment that will provide artists with a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere in which to develop work’s for stage. ATG believes in supporting the relationship between the professional, emerging, and community artist. Each has equal value and mutually informs the other’s artistic growth.

Friday 26 May

Silverton School Performing Arts Center

8:00 p.m. Reading: Waterfall by Leigh Meigs

7:00 p.m. Reading: Bull in Velvet by Daniel Sullivan

Saturday 27 May

Location: Silverton School Performing Arts Center

5:00 p.m. Reading: Tiny Silverton Stories

Location: Grand Imperial Hotel Banquet Room

8:30 p.m. Reading: Untitled by Peter Gil-Sheridan

7:30 p.m. Reading: Sometimes Evolution Requires a Downgrade by Jena Serbu

7:00 p.m. Reading: BondservantDurango Arts Center 10 Minute Play Finalist