Welcome to ATG 2020!

Dear Members and Patrons,

As I look through ATG’s website as we approach Colorado Gives Day, I am hit with a wave of nostalgia. I flipped through five full pages of photographs of ATG production photos we currently have up, where I saw myself, friends, and people I’ve never met working to bring artistry to a small mountain town in Colorado. I saw photos of children who’ve grown up in the theatre, community members branching out and pushing the limits of their comfort zones on stage, my own directorial debut and history in the theatre, interns who learned more than they ever anticipated before coming to Silverton, and loved ones who may no longer be with us in person, but will forever be with us in spirit. It’s amazing to think of how many lives have been touched in so many different ways by one small organization. I think this is why we continue to “do what we do” – because we can see the difference, small though it may be at times, that a little artistry can make.

This leads me to think of last year’s season. Being our 30th year, the board had grand plans for the season and ideas to explore. Unfortunately, we fell short in many ways. Life (and snow!) sometimes gets in the way of the best laid plans and causes us to have to change course. But I don’t think we’ve ever been an organization to let that keep us from our mission. I look back on these pictures and wonder to myself “how many times has this theatre group faced adversity before and found a way to overcome it?” I can guarantee it’s more times than my meager historical memory has to tell. It’s more times than I could even guess. Those of us on the Board see what art can bring to a community, so we continue to” pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off”, and come back stronger and better than before.

This is exactly what we’ve done this year. Despite the hurdles we came up against last year, we’re coming back this season with renewed vigor. We’ve brought on new board members that are excited to continue carrying out ATG’s mission, we are exploring new opportunities, and we are improving upon our “best laid plans” of last year. Once again, we are coming back stronger than before to foster the artistic excellence in the community of Silverton, Colorado, and we are looking forward to having you as a part of that journey.

We feel excited to welcome faces that Silverton has seen before to the Board of Directors. Anna Amundson and Tate Reaves. Both previous interns with a love of Silverton and a passion to bring ATG into the future.  We are excited to officially announce our production of Constellations this winter, in addition to our expanding work this coming summer. We are proud to be a theatre group that puts Silverton first. We pride ourselves on developing work for and with the Silverton community, partnering with locals and with a special focus on the youth of Silverton and our partnership with Silverton Public Schools. Feeling excited, we hope that you will continue to join us in our dedication to the art of theatre.

Colorado Gives day is December 10th; we hope you’ll consider A Theatre Group.

Amber Moffett, Board President

A non-profit theatre company in Silverton, Colorado

About Us

Founded in 1988, A Theatre Group strives to create an environment that will provide artists with a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere in which to develop work. ATG believes in supporting the relationship between the professional, emerging, and community artist. Each has equal value, and each mutually inform artistic growth.

Our Mission

A Theatre Group has a mission to foster artistic excellence in Silverton, Colorado by partnering with professional artists, emerging talent, and members of the community to create lasting works of theatrical art and beyond.

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