A Theatre Group (ATG) held its 2017 board retreat and elected its newest President and Artistic Director, standing board member, Daniel F. Sullivan, who takes the place of the late Mollie Mook-Fiddler.

Sinjin Jones, popular ATG director and theater instructor, was elected as ATG’s newest board member, while Steve Fearne continues as ATG Vice President, Mary Morris as Secretary, and Lou King as Treasurer.

With the reactivation of the ATG Advisory Council, ATG is excited to announce that Hannah DeKay, longtime ATG youth actor, accepted a position to serve on the ATG Advisory Council.


In the spirit of the late ATG President and Artistic Director Mollie Mook-Fiddler, ATG’s 2017 season will celebrate her life through the continuation and extension of her vision for A Theatre Group.

This May, ATG's 2017 “New Artist Series,” a program conceived by Mollie, will feature the development of a new play by New York City playwright, University of Indiana drama instructor, and frequent ATG participant, Peter Gil-Sheridan.

To all in Silverton, the region, and the Four Corners area, A Theatre Group looks forward to continuing to nurture new theater projects and cultivate artistic collaborations from the strong seeds lain by Mollie Mook-Fiddler and before her, ATG founder Marianne Fearne.


Daniel F. Sullivan,
 President & Artistic Director and Board of Directors,
A Theatre Group

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